Tuesday, February 24, 2015

“We came here for a reason” – what Rebecca Frech's friend wishes you knew

What one Muslim-American history prof would like Catholics to know.

And yes, I know Protestants suffered under Elizabeth I's sister Mary and I know Jews suffered under Christians of all persuasions. I just think that my own religious  siblings should remember that we've been hated & feared in America also. I have had an appreciation of Islam since I did a report on it in 8th grade. In the rush to communicate to sleepyheads and naive people about the very real dangers of ISIS, my fellow American Catholics need to understand and respect ordinary, non-apocalyptic Muslims. ISIS' threat is like if Jim Jones had attained the power to carry out his vision of Christianity. It's aberrational. If our response is to insist that it's growth is an inevitable result of the " inherent vice" of Islam itself, we will drive more crazies into its fold.