Thursday, May 30, 2013

Have you or someone you know been injured, neglected or suffered patient abuse from Planned Parenthood of Delaware?

Delaware women, wake up! Planned Parenthood is NOT YOUR FRIEND. Now is the time to share your experiences behind the walls of Delaware's premiere abortion facility.

Call Senator Greg Lavelle at 302-577-8714 
if you have suffered shoddy care, mistreatment,  negligence or injury at Planned Parenthood of Delaware's Wilmington or Dover abortion clinics.

At yesterday's Senate hearing in Dover two nurses, former employees at Planned Parenthood of Delaware, made a series of serious allegations about conditions and practices at the state's two PP facilities.  While you might not be able to tell if you were treated with contaminated instruments or expired medications, was your experience at the Planned Parenthood facility less than what you desired or expected from an organization that deems itself caring of all women?

Were you sedated and left unattended? Did you show up for an appointment and wait hours and hours for your "procedure"?  Are you Rh negative?  If so, did you receive RhoGAM treatment after your abortion to make sure that further pregnancies would not result in serious damage? One nurse testified that RhoGAM treatments were regularly neglected or administered too late to be effective. Are you one of the many women walking around all over Delaware who doesn't know that your are Rh negative and that if you get pregnant again you might be in serious trouble?

Call Senator Greg Lavelle at 302-577-8714 if you have suffered shoddy care, mistreatment,  injury, or if you have observed negligence at Planned Parenthood of Delaware's Wilmington or Dover free-standing abortion clinics.

Read The News Journal's report on the hearing.

"Among the claims the nurses made Wednesday:
• Nurses sometimes hid patient charts from the physician to ensure sufficient time for medications to take effect before procedures were done.
• Inadequate staff training. Vasikonis said no procedure manuals were available for staff, and all staff were inadequately trained.
• Abnormal lab results (to include sexually transmitted diseases) were not reported or properly followed up on.
• Sterile procedures often were not followed and surgical suites and recovery rooms were inadequately cleaned between patients.
• Patient complications were not reported.
• RhoGAM – a necessary treatment for abortion patients who have RH-negative blood – often was missed, endangering that patient if she conceived in the future by a father with RH-positive blood.
• Some supplies were beyond expiration dates and some emergency equipment was no longer functional.
• Staff medical credentials were not verified.
• The physician once left medicated patients in the middle of an abortion waiting for hours while he tended to an issue with his private airplane."
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From World Magazine's article:


Excerpts from the transcript of Joyce Vasikonis’ testimony before Delaware lawmakers Wednesday

  • “All staff was inadequately trained, particularly in blood-borne pathogens.”
  • “Management was inadequately trained.”
  • “No policy and procedure manuals were available for staff.”
  • “No job duty descriptions for staff.”
  • “Disregard for patient needs or comfort.”
  • “Disregard for staff input or suggestions.”
  • “Staff were to work until services were completed without any breaks.”
  • “I experienced both sexual and racial harassment.”
  • “Many staff members were fired without cause.”
  • “Abnormal STD (sexually transmitted disease) lab results and STAT labs (to be completed and reported immediately) were not followed per protocol.”
  • “The clinics were severely disorganized and there was a carelessness in job performance.”
  • “Patient scheduling was not controlled in response to inadequate staffing levels; patients often had no place to sit and waited as long as six hours to be seen.”
  • “Outdated equipment and [supplies] remained in use.”
  • “Broken equipment and supplies remained in the clinical setting.”
  • “HIPPA compliance (patient confidentiality) was violated daily.”
  • “Quality and risk management policies were not followed or enforced.”
  • “Surgical suites and recovery rooms were not thoroughly cleaned between patients.”
  • “Patient complications were not reported.”
  • “Sterile instruments were not handled in a manner consistent with accepted sterile technique.”
  • “Dr. Timothy Liveright did not wear sterile gloves during procedures.”
  • “Speed was the ultimate goal.”

Again, you can contact Senator Greg Lavelle at 302-577-8714 
if you have suffered shoddy care, mistreatment,  negligence or injury at Planned Parenthood of Delaware's Wilmington or Dover abortion clinics. 

Or, email this writer at if you have information but are not quite ready to speak to Senator Lavelle.  

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