Sunday, April 14, 2013

First-hand account from Delaware Right to Life on the Gosnell trial

Intrepid pajama media reporter Dave Williams of Delaware Right to Life (DRTL) went to Philadelphia last week to witness the Gosnell trial first hand. Since then the mainstream media has been shamed into starting to cover the trial -- or, to put it more charitably and hopefully true, has awakened to its negligence in not covering it. But DRTL was on the job first!
Ashly Baldwin is on the stand and testifies that she had only received a few minutes training, as a 17 year old High School student, before she was giving anesthesia to patients. My notes include a quote from her, "the babies flinched and went into the waste bin." She went on to say that "Gosnell would have her push down on the mother's stomachs and the baby would come out in pieces, sometimes the mother would be awake."
 Read the rest here. What Dave observed made up for the sllloooowwwwnneesss of taking the train to Philly!

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