Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rosemarie Smead practices self-delusion

In yet another ceremony attended by poorly catechized Catholics -- and celebrated by reporters who either don't know any better or who specialize in glamorizing Catholic dissidents -- outliers purport to confer Holy Orders on Rosemary Smead. Catholics shouldn't get too worked up about this. Pray for these misguided folks and for the state of journalism in the world today.

Rosemarie Smead, who believes she is receiving Holy Orders

"It has no sting for me,'"said Smead, a petite, gray-haired former Carmelite nun with a ready hug for strangers, [commenting on the possibility of ex-communication.] "It is a Medieval bullying stick the bishops used to keep control over people and to keep the voices of women silent. I am way beyond letting octogenarian men tell us how to live our lives. "  
In a statement last week, Louisville Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz called the planned ceremony by the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests a 'simulated ordination' in opposition to Catholic teaching. 
"The simulation of a sacrament carries very serious penal sanctions in Church law, and Catholics should not support or participate in Saturday's event,'" Kurtz said. 
Read the whole article.
I am sure that the men and women participating in this act enjoyed profoundly pleasing emotions. Many wept, as the article says. Many felt affirmed in being among such a heartfelt crowd taking a stand for freedom against the "octogenarian men [who] tell us how to live our lives."

The problem is, this was not an authentic Catholic ordination, and the sacrament of orders was not conferred upon this no-doubt well-meaning woman. If the teaching authority of the Church, codified in canon law, means nothing, then the Catholic Church is founded not on the blood and water that poured forth from the side of Jesus Christ as He finished His work of redemption, but on emotion and popular sentiment.

I was chastised recently by a fellow Catholic for arguing a point of conflict using reason and language instead of listening to my heart and hers. But language and reason is how we communicate to one another the ineffable contents of our hearts. I will choose reason over emotion any time truth is the question at hand.

How Complicit Are We in Jennifer Morbelli's Death?

Jennifer Morbelli, 1984 - 2013

Lifenews has a good article asking if perinatal hospice could have prevented Jennifer Morbelli's death during a botched late-term abortion by the notorious Roy Carhart. I want to bring up a related issue -- how much can her death be laid at the feet of our own passively accepted culture of death, one that tries to control the uncertainties, inconveniences and sufferings of life by pre-emptively choosing death?

Poor Jennifer Morbelli, advised by doctors that abortion was her best option when her very wanted child was diagnosed with fetal abnormalities. Now Jennifer is dead, victim of an circuit abortionist who killed the child and then moved on, leaving an untrained staff to treat the mother in the days-long process of seeing that her dead child was expelled without incident. It was not. And sepsis claimed another woman, this one a University of Delaware alumna. This is the face of safe, legal abortion.

But Jennifer Morbelli's death can be laid at our feet too -- it is our upside down culture of death that brought her to the abortionist who was unhampered by the medical standards that any Ob/Gyn practicing normal obstetrics would have to meet. No Ob/Gyn can leave a patient unattended, without providing a medical professional to take over, when a woman is undergoing a days-long labor and delivery , even if the baby has died in utero as happens. Medical care is still extended to the woman, for her safety.

Eric David Stabosz, 1983 - 1984

I will get personal about it. In 1983, at 30 weeks gestation of my baby, I was informed that my child had fetal abnormalities. I was told that the ultrasound showed what looked like tiny, flipper-like arms and legs. My husband and I were devastated. Taking a shower that night, I looked down at my swollen belly and thought to myself, "I'm carrying a monster". I was horrified. I was also grateful that this had not been discovered early on, because I had an overwhelming desire for an abortion. If I'd gotten the news earlier, how much of a temptation would it have been for me to desire an abortion despite my Church's teaching and my own knowledge that it was wrong? 

I was also blessed to have a wonderful Filipino Ob/Gyn, Dr Gloria Suazo, who had delivered all my children and was Catholic, like me. Dr Suazo did not do abortions and would never recommend one. She was so devoted to both patients during labor and delivery that when this son Eric went into fetal distress during my labor, Dr Suazo did an emergency C-section that she was later notified was questionable . Considering the pre-natal diagnosis, she should have considered ignoring fetal distress.

The process I went through during my son Eric's 100 days of life was similar to that described here in this burgeoning service of perinatal hospice. The only difference was that we continued to explore possibility's for Eric's survival, with his medical team's full cooperation . And, in fact, my virtual friend Evelyn Kraemer Mann writes about her son Samuel's life regularly-- Samuel has thanatophoric dwarfism like Eric had and had his seventh birthday last July. The Catholic News Agency did a good story on Samuel when he turned three.

Samuel Mann, 2005 - present

My point is, how tragic that we live in a culture where death is turned to again and again as the preferred solution to imperfection. Pre-natal diagnosis has morphed from a means to help children during gestation and prepare parents to deal with life-threatening diagnoses in their newborns to a method for choosing death by abortion over an undesired outcome of a flawed child, with all the attendant grief and difficulty that can bring. It's as if we think we can forestall the grief and horror of an early death by pre-emptively imposing that death first. We are doing the same thing at the end of life -- pre-emptively imposing death on our lived ones and ourselves in the hopes that by controlling death, we can forstall or even avoid its terrible sting. 

Jennifer Morbelli was as much a victim of our culture of death as of abortionist Roy Carhart. If you in your heart believe that pro-actively imposing death is the solution to dealing with circumstances that threaten normal life, your heart too is contributory to the death of innocents.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Life Dynamics 12 years study: sex abuse cover-up in America's abortion clinics. Planned Parenthood a leading offender.

Why do minor girls – some as young as 10 years of age – get pregnant?  The accepted narrative, perpetuated by Planned Parenthood in the sex education classes they take into the public schools, has been that these are the results of child-on-child sex, and that the solution is more sex education and more free contraception in the schools. The results of the stunning research just released by Mark Crutcher and his Life Dynamics organization suggests otherwise. These children are getting pregnant by adult pedophiles who bring them in to Planned Parenthood and other so-called “women’s health clinics” where they are coached to lie about their age, obtain abortions and contraceptive services, and return to their abusers. And workers in these facilities are systematically ignoring mandatory reporting statutes and neglecting to notify authorities about very obvious evidence of sexual abuse of minors.

I’ve known of Mark Crutcher’s work since I first viewed MAAFA 21. MAAFA 21 is a frightening, well-researched documentary about what is being called “black genocide” -- how the social movement among educated, rich white folks to take care of “the Negro problem” began immediately following the emancipation of the slaves in the Civil War. The Carnegies , the Rockefellers, the Kellogs put their fortunes and their influence behind organizations like The Race Betterment Foundation, the American Eugenics Society and American Birth Control League which morphed into  the Planned Parenthood Federation. Controlling the poor by controlling their reproduction was the goal from the beginning, and continues today.  Abortion is now the leading cause of death among African-Americans, and the black population faces extinction in this country as its replacement rate fails to catch up to the death of its older members.

I became more aware of Life Dynamics after my attack outside Planned Parenthood of Delaware (PPDE) on March 13. In the wake of that, Mark Crutcher invited me to tell my story on his April televised and DVD-distributed Life Dynamics show.  I had a great time talking about the providential aspects of the video of my assault going viral at the same time as PPDE was being scrutinized by abc6 Action News investigative reporter Wendy Saltzman.  Johnny Hunter, Troy Newman, Fr. Frank Pavone and Jill Stanek joined Mark in that interview – Andy Warhol would be humble that I didn’t blow my 15 minutes of fame by egregious stammering in front of a bunch of my own pro-life heroes.  The State of Delaware is now involved with its own investigation, and the story continues to unfold of what goes on behind closed doors at Delaware’s only remaining freestanding abortion clinic.

Now Life Dynamics has announced the results of more than a decade of research into the question of abortions done on minor children.  Planned Parenthood of Delaware, who testified against parental consent laws for minors in Delaware last year, is just one of the abortion industry businesses that have good reason not to want the State or their own parents to look too closely into why children as young as 10 years old are getting pregnant and coming in for abortions

After more than 12-years of research, Life Dynamics has documented that mandatory reporting statutes which require healthcare workers to report reasonable suspicions of child sexual abuse to the authorities are being ignored inside American abortion, Planned Parenthood and family planning centers. 

According to Mark Crutcher, founder of Life Dynamics , “The abortion lobby is engaged in a pedophile protection racket and protecting pedophiles who rape underage girls. These abortion clinics receive money from the federal government. We are literally paying for the rape of our young daughters.”

Life Dynamics studied this issue by analyzing several hundred instances in which older men were convicted of sexual crimes against minor girls.  In an alarming number of these cases, there was a point at which the victims were taken for birth control, pregnancy tests, STD treatments and abortions – usually by the perpetrator – with no mandatory reporting made by those who provided the service.  In almost every case, the sexual abuse resumed afterward and, many times, it would go on for years.  

“You have to remember what’s happening right there,” Crutcher said. “You have an adult in a state talking to what they perceived to be a 13-year-old child who was a victim of sexual abuse by an older man and telling that child to lie about his age in order to conceal the crime. If you’re a parent, especially if a father and you’re not outraged then you don’t have a pulse.” "

Sunday, April 14, 2013

First-hand account from Delaware Right to Life on the Gosnell trial

Intrepid pajama media reporter Dave Williams of Delaware Right to Life (DRTL) went to Philadelphia last week to witness the Gosnell trial first hand. Since then the mainstream media has been shamed into starting to cover the trial -- or, to put it more charitably and hopefully true, has awakened to its negligence in not covering it. But DRTL was on the job first!
Ashly Baldwin is on the stand and testifies that she had only received a few minutes training, as a 17 year old High School student, before she was giving anesthesia to patients. My notes include a quote from her, "the babies flinched and went into the waste bin." She went on to say that "Gosnell would have her push down on the mother's stomachs and the baby would come out in pieces, sometimes the mother would be awake."
 Read the rest here. What Dave observed made up for the sllloooowwwwnneesss of taking the train to Philly!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The next Gosnell? Planned Parenthood of Delaware benefits from being in bed with State of Delaware and News Journal.

Guess who is the public face of the DHSS Division of Public Health in the matter of the State of Delaware's pending investigation of Planned Parenthood of Delaware? Only the ex-PR Director of Planned Parenthood of Delaware (PPDE) herself!

The fox is in charge of the hen house in Delaware!

For three days after an ABC6 Action News report on two former Planned Parenthood revealing Gosnell-like conditions (guerneys with bloody drainage from last patient, unsterile instruments) at 625 Shipley St, the News Journal -- premiere newspaper in Delaware -- maintained its silence. No comment whatsoever on the shocking allegations revealed by a Philadelphia television station after the News Journal ignored attempts by the whistle-blowing nurses to give them the story. Finally, the News Journal reports on Planned Parenthood:

Does the News Journal mention the allegations of filthy conditions and a "meat market style of assembly line abortions" that abc6 reported on? Nope. Does it mention $5000 in fines paid by PPDE in 2012 for OSHA violations including dirty needles and untrained staff handling contagious materials? Nope! Does it mention 22 staffers quit or fired since 2012? Nope, nope, and nope! What does it tell the people of Delaware?

This sterling piece of journalism says that the new CEO of Planned Parenthood, Ruth Lytle-Barnaby, has suspended in-office abortions (surgery) in order to train new staff.

Can you say travesty? No mention of the abc6 report, no mention of the allegations of filth and worse by the nurses who worked at PP, NOTHING.

To cap it off, the article cites DHSS representative Emily Knearl about Public Health's oversight of Planned Parenthood. and just who is Ms Knearl?? Only the former PR Director of Planned Parenthood of Delaware who worked at the 625 Shipley St clinic until last year!

Yeah, THAT'S gonna be a great investigation. Ex PP bigwig is representing the Public Health division that's investigating PP!

You can't make this stuff up! Not only is the State of DE in bed with Planned Parenthood, it looks like the News Journal is in bed with both!