Friday, July 06, 2012

Cracked: All Grown Up and Full of the Funny!

I have not written since April. Perhaps this is because I've been busy learning nursing skills that I never in my life dreamed I would have to know or perform.  Before my sister's illness, here are three things I never expected to do: give injections; clean, pack and change wound dressings; and set up IV infusions. Wow! Luckily, Marguerite is a good patient whose primary virtue in these situations is, appropriately enough, patience in dealing with a fledgling nurse. Luckily, the training nurse explained to us both that it would take the equivalent of three sets of tubing's worth of air bubbles before I could kill her doing the IV infusions. And luckily, we schedule the dressing changes precisely so that Marguerite has decent opiates before I go to work pulling out and pushing in her dressing gauze...

I think when this is all over, and she's in remission, she and I will have to take a celebratory trip to the beach or someplace cool to chill out and enjoy just being sisters. Actually, we were able to just be sisters through most of June, in the period between one of her wounds healed and before the other one broke open. Her chemo was going well, her numbers were good, she wasn't suffering much in the way of side effects. So we spent the month alternating between doctor and chemo visits, and hitting all the cool thrift stores and out of the way mom and pop restaurants in the area. Lots of fun. Now we're back playing nurse and patient, and that's got its own difficulties and rewards.

So in honor of the first post in months, here are three good stories from Cracked.  You should regularly check out this web site. When I was growing up, Cracked Magazine was the country cousin of Mad Magazine. Or so I thought at the time. Now, it's all growed up and funny as can be.

First, OUCH if these stories are true, and they certainly appear to be:

Five Great Movie Scenes Made Possible by Reckless Endangerment

Secondly, (and these are all going to be about movies, because I love movies and this is my blog):

6 Common Movie Arguments That Are Always Wrong 

Finally, just because it's there:

9 Favorite Movie Villains Who Were Right All Along