Tuesday, September 20, 2011

To Father Frank Pavone: please stop and be silent!

This morning I received another request for money from Priests for Life. This was my reply:

Dear Father Pavone,

I have always supported you and Priests for Life.

But I have to say that now, in light of the difficulty between you and Bishop Zurek, I think you should give it a rest for awhile. Stop asking for money and support. Stop speaking and defending yourself in the court of human opinion. Just stop. Take some time away from the battle. Rest and re-create. 
Give the Holy Spirit a chance to work. Sometimes silence is best.
The more urgent pleas I receive from Priests for Life, the more I feel uneasy. The fight against abortion requires financial support, yes. But even more, it requires unity among the faithful. And I find it unseemly that you continue to ask for "the largest gift you can possibly make".

Truthfully, I found it unseemly before this latest business in Amarillo. I don't like to be asked constantly for money in the most urgent ways. It smacks of the psychology of fundraising, and I don't like to be manipulated.

Rae Stabosz, regional co-coordinator, 40 Days for Life - Wilmington, DE


Steve and Cheryl Thomson said...

The heart of the Fr. Pavone story is so obvious that we are all missing it. Politics. No, not Church Politics, National Politics. In 2008, Fr. Pavone was outspokenly anti-Obama. In 2010, Fr. Pavone paticipated in the protest against Obama speaking at Notre Dame University. The Presidential election is next year. Right now, Obama's poll numbers keep sinking. Obama needs every vote he can get to get re-elected. So how does this look to Obama and his people? Fr. Pavone needs to be taken out. This is National Politics, Chicago-Style. Where does Bishop Zurek come in? According to Huffington Post columnist Father Alberto Cutie (Episcopalian), Sept. 19: "His bishop in Amarillo is certainly much more progressive than he is, so there could be some ideological clashes there..." Okay, do these "ideological clashes" translate into the Bishop's Democratic associations? Those associations include a relationship with former Mayor of San Antonio, Ed Garza. Garza appointed Bishop Zurek to serve on his Committee on Integrity and Trust in Local Government for the city of San Antonio. Ed Garza, sharing the Democratic leanings of other Hispanics in Texas, endorsed Obama in 2008, saying: "Senator Obama's unique ability to bring people together and bridge partisan divides make him the best candidate to bring change we can believe in." I don't want to suggest that Bishop Zurek himself is being a party to a 'dirty tricks campaign' against Fr. Frank Pavone, but the possibility exists that circumstances around the Bishop have been manipulated, with an agenda in mind.

Lili said...

Father Pavone is one of thousands of commited pro-lifers that have heard and answered the call to devote their lives to the protection of the unborn as well as the elderly, and disabled. All of whom are our brothers and sisters and deserve our total love and effort in the pro-life cause.

I am so troubled by the attitude shared by some, that it is Fr Frank and he alone that has brought the pro-life movemt to this point in history as far as our collective effect goes. There are really so many unsung heroes that deserve as much if not more but who are not media hounds or have a special following of fans.

Father is very good at getting and holding the limelight but I am not convinced that that is what has made the difference on the front lines of the debate.

I believe it is the patient, constant work of the many regular folks, many of whom I have had the honor to work with who apply all their skills talents and time to educating, and saving lives through the law and other hands on outreach. God bless them all. Father is right. It is work we are all called to do in some way, big or small.

I have heard Fr. P. say several times that some people and some of his brother priests do pro-life work as a sort of hobby. That has always stunned me. It is an insult to every brave priest that has worked steadfastly in their home diocese, sometimes totally shunned by other priests there. How cold of Fr Frank to disrespect their hard work!

I fear that the real reason the Bishop of Amarillo brought him home was to give him some roon for reflection on his star status. in the movement. I pray he takes a long clear look at himself and what he has built and why?

Mostly I am grateful to the heroes that have just continued to do the work required. Lobbing our government officals for truly protective laws. Saving babies at pregnancy centers across the USA and working in their church to spread the word to all that will listen. God keep you safe and let others join you!