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How the Daughters of St. Paul watch movies mindfully - you can do this in your parish too.

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Praying with the movies? You bet. This is one reasons I became a Pauline Cooperator!
Sr. Margaret Joseph reveals two ways the Paulines connect film viewing with God-musing.

Zeke and Amelia Norton - late Spring update

Update from the Nortons of Selma, Alabama. My two southern grandchildren are growing up nicely!

Paterfamilias David Norton writes:

It's been pretty busy for us, though we've had a few unexpected moments of quiet.

Zeke is still doing well hitting the ball in practice and in games. He's gotten a double and some more singles. The coaches have let him play short stop in one inning of a game (that we were losing badly), and he has played other infield positions in practice, and has done pretty well.

His team is in a bit of a slump, but Zeke is unaware of it. He thinks they've won all of their games, and he's wondering when they'll get their trophy.

Zeke turned six on May 26th! He woke up at 3 A.M. or so to let us know. Gabe got him back to sleep, but he let us know right away again when he awoke around 6 A.M.

He got a magic kit for his birthday that he was excited to use on his Dad Dad.

Amelia had a big dance recital, where she danced on stage at an old school downtown. It was a huge crowd, as there were lots of dance students doing their dances for family and friends.

At the end of the show, lots of girls who had danced for a number of years received trophies from their dance teacher. Amelia was tearful coming home at the end of a very long, and late night, as she had not received a trophy for her dancing.

Gabe reassured her that none of the girls could get trophies until they had danced for three years.

Upon hearing that, Zeke insisted that he will dance now, and plans to win thousands of dance trophies when he dances for fifty years.