Thursday, April 14, 2011

One small time@bat for Zeke - one giant score for the Blue Ox!

Auntie Gerry, this one's for you! A blow by blow look at Zeke's first baseball game. (Photo and text by Zeke's dad.)

Zeke's first baseball game was Saturday morning. His team is "Blue Ox." His team has five and six year olds on it. Zeke is five, but will be six in May.(Zeke is the rightmost player):

Amelia went to the game also. She ate apples.

Zeke got his turn at bat. The players are required to wear helmets in the infield until they return to the dugout:

Zeke swings.... Zeke hit the ball - the pitcher got it pretty quickly, and threw it to first base. Zeke ran as fast as he could run.

The ball arrived at first base just a step before Zeke arrived. Fortunately, the first baseman dropped the ball just as Zeke stepped onto the base. (Safe, whew!)

Zeke discusses his next move with his coach:

The next player hit the ball, and Zeke headed for second base... Whew. Safe again - and now at second base. One of his teammates hit a foul ball - and Zeke had to go back to second base again. Zeke waited again at second base, ready to make his move. Wow - a hit - and an overthrown ball at first base.... Run! Run! Run! Zeke rumbled to home plate... Good job! Zeke immediately took off his helmet. He looked into the crowd, and I gestured for him to put his helmet back on his head. Zeke smiled, waved to the crowd, and headed back to the dug out - helmet in hand. We made it back home. One time at bat - one score for Zeke. One very nice win for the Blue Ox team.


johnny dangerous said...

Brings back great memories of my own son playing t-ball. He went on to Little League, Pony, and high school baseball where he was a talented relief pitcher.

Rae said...

I'm just so happy that I have a son-in-law who keeps me updated on my grandkids who are far away. I was terrible keeping my own in-laws up to date -- still am! I think I must have some vestige of a primitive superstition about taking pictures. I love to see them, but it makes me uneasy to think about capturing time in a photo. I figure in eternity we'll have all our memories of the people we love at every age, all in one swell foop. That doesn't help my sisters-and-brothers-in-law in Chicago who want to see the grandkids NOW though. So thank God for people who do take good pix.