Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Revisiting my New Year's resolutions

Okay. Time to check in on my New Year's Resolutions. Most years go by without me making any, but this time I tried. How am I doing so far?

1. Dispose of three unneeded items from the house, each day.

- Doing pretty well with this one. Many days I get rid of more than three items. Some days I forget. Think I'll start on the garage in February, to kick things up a notch.

2. For every one non-grocery item I bring into the house, take one item out. So at least I am not gaining more junk as I try to clean out the existing clutter.

- Ditto for this one. For awhile, I was rigorously counting every item in and matching it with an equal number of items out. I've stopped the rigor but am adhering to the principle. But I think I'd feel better if I went back to the rigor. Order is soothing. It relaxes the brain and fools me into thinking I have more control over life than I really do. Measurement -- as in measuring progress or marking the steps along the way of achieving some goal -- reassures the chaotic aspect of the interior self. Yes ma'am, I am moving forward and not just going around in circles.

3. Write 100 words of fiction a day.

- *BUZZ* Nope not a chance. 100 words is a piece of cake - I've already written 200+ in this entry alone. I deliberately set a low number because I just wanted to limber up. But I don't have a desire to write fiction. I think the only reason I made the resolution is because Bill and I have an ongoing joke about what we'll do with the money when I write that big blockbuster novel that I have in me. But right now? It's non-fiction writing all the way. That's my modus communicandus these days. Switching over to maybe a new writing goal. Or maybe having none. I've always enjoyed the freedom to write or not write, following my lovely and gracious muse who finds me great paths to poke around in, without the onus of deadlines or goals. I like it. I am a dilettante author. Until otherwise moved.

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