Sunday, December 05, 2010

Investment stuff

I wrote about this Catholic Investor blog last year, but want to recommend it again:

The author has started analyzing stocks in detail, which is very helpful to an investor like me who reads the theories but has a hard time applying them in my own efforts at analyzing a company.

Another hint for any investors out there in the audience: Google "yahoo finance" and "longtimefollower" regularly, a couple of times a week at least. longtimefollower is an investor of many years experience and excellent integrity. He practices value investing. I have made a bit of money following his insights, and so have others (as evidenced in the Yahoo finance forums). I know him personally and can vouch that he's a good guy and a socially conscious investor. He isn't a practicing Catholic so there won't be a one to one correspondence with Catholic social issues (for instance, I don't know how he feels about companies that do embryonic stem cell research). But by and large his ethics are in sync with the Church's. He's a shrewd investor. Shout out to him and thanks, if he reads my blog.

Many folks think that there's going to be a massive dip in the market December 15, if the question of the Bush tax cuts isn't resolved. Anybody want to venture an opinion? I hate to lose all the gains of recent months.

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Felix said...

Hi Rae,

Thanks for your kind recommendation! I'm glad my blog is helpful! God bless!