Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Late afternoon movie viewing with Bill

Uncle Wally is on the road, heading back to Chicago. Good visit. Leslie G. mistook him for Bill. "I didn't know your hair was all white now." :-)

Bill and I are kicking back and watching a strange movie on Showtime Beyond called Pontypool. Here's a Western DJ (cowboy hat and boots, check!) on the air in Ontario with two leather jacket clad women, reporting on a riot taking place a few kilometres away. Now he is quoting French linguist Roland Barthes... "Trauma is a news photo without a caption."

Something apocalyptic has happened -- a mob of savage, slow-moving people babbling in bizarre ways. No word yet on whether the eating of brains is involved.

"I am told that these people are imitating windshield wipers -- making the sound of windshield wipers."

The plot thickens. Hanging up now.

... Later. It's a zombie virus! It is spread by LANGUAGE! Words are infected. It enters the victim when he/she hears the word and UNDERSTANDS it!

A zombie movie where language is the host for the zombie virus. Wow! Fascinating film! Very meta!

Pontypool. See it!

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