Sunday, June 27, 2010

This year's model of grandbabies!

Babies are bursting out all over!!

So far, this season of spring and summer 2010 has yielded a bumper crop of Stabosz grandchildren! These are #s 8 and 9. At top we have Rosalyn Gwenhyver Gregg, born to Em and Scott a few weeks ago. (I'm a Bad, BaD GRANDMOM... I don't have the exact date at hand or committed to memory). And on the bottom, little Ishmael Matthew Stabosz, Jr., born to Sine' and Ish just yesterday at 4:37am.

I look at them and grin from ear to ear. God is good!

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deb said...

oh my!
I am so looking forward to reading here.

( my maiden name is Rae. btw. wild )