Monday, June 07, 2010

My first trip to the Bay Area

Top ten Lessons Learned from my recent trip to the San Francisco Bay Area:

1. United doesn't just break guitars. I will never cheat on Southwest again.

2. PLATO IV terminals still have that warm, orange glow.

3. Seeing old friends is great. Not connecting up with old friends and siblings is not. Life is a mix.

4. Google security is lax. Any old 60-something PLATO gal can break into their locked headquarters. And, apparently, nobody older than 30 works in Quality Control. Or anywhere?

5. Burmese food is AWESOME. Eaten with a good friend, MANNA!

6. Many, many people have a genuine gratitude towards and affection (even love) for Don Bitzer, the "Father of PLATO."

7. Rosanna and Frances, the Temporary Drivers License ladies at the Delaware Motor Vehicle Division are sympathetic, responsive, and efficient to solve your problems. Who knew??

8. Brian Dear rocks. Aaron Woolfson rolls. Sharon Dugdale, Bonnie Seiler and Ruth Chabay tell a mean PLATO software story, and for their pains got gypped of a Q&A session.

9. PLATO games can still bring out the raucousness, in 50-, 60-, and 70-something males.

10. St. Bartholemew's in San Mateo has a gorgeous interior, but leaves Jesus exposed and alone.

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