Thursday, April 08, 2010

iPad versus ObamaPad - kudos to my brother Pic and nephew Nicky!

That's my nephew Nicky up there in the iPad versus ObamaPad video! He and my brother Pic made the video, uploaded it to YouTube, and are sitting back watching it go viral.

So far, it doesn't have as many hits as Pic's Jack Webb Schools Barack Obama video, but it's hit more of a nerve among liberals. has a critique of it in their How the World Works section. My dad would be so pleased! I don't know whether he would have been a liberal or a conservative if he had lived to the year 2010 -- he and my mom were dyed in the wool Democrats their whole life -- but he was an unpublished writer who would have loved the ability ot the Internet to allow anyone to win an audience. He would have liked this.

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