Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Walkin' & prayin' in Our Lady's Garden

I just now went off to pray the rosary for the child of a friend of my fellow Pauline Cooperator, Easter Almuena. I wanted to ask Blessed Alberione to pray with me. I picked up a book on my desk, The Layman and His Conscience: A Retreat by Ronald Knox, which is in my pile of books to list for sale. I opened up to a selection on a chapter on the rosary. It inspired me to go into to visit the Lord online, and then put up next to the Adoration-cam a Google image of a garden peopled with photoshopped in Jesii. Then I pretended I was a little kid again, playing in my own backyard with the garden of my imagination as I did so often.

World-building during rosary is way cool. Imagination, yes!

Here's what the Fr. Knox quote says:

Let us think of [Our Lady] as our mother, & ourselves as
children. She is teaching us a game centered on 15 rose trees - the difficult
& exciting game we call life. She has to explain it over & over again,
& that's why it seems often monotonous. Forgive me if I ask you to think of
yourselves as children. But it's a curious thing, that the older you get, the
more content you are to think of our Lady as your mother, understanding you
& yet not taken in by your pretences, knowing better than you what is good
for you... And the game -- oh, the game is full of excitement. But at every turn
of it, her shadow falls across the picture.

She has played it, &
played it so well!

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Roma Tekovi said...

Just a bit's a 20-rose tree now, hee hee!