Sunday, January 31, 2010

The sadness at the heart of Planned Parenthood of Delaware & other putative "choice affirming" groups

Coming Home: Science in the Service of the Pro-Life Movement has a good article about the accusation aimed at pro-lifers that they "only care about the baby when it is in the womb." Of this charge, Dr. Nadal writes:
Pro-lifers informally and institutionally provide cribs, clothes, toys, diapers, food, job training, tutoring, mentoring for single mothers. Add to that child care, baby-sitting, and life-skills training. For those not able to keep their child, we provide adoption services. Catholic hospitals provide free pre-natal and pediatric care to get mothers launched in the right direction. We dig deep into our pockets to help these women and children.
And after 6 years of attempting to interest pro-choice advocates in collaborating with me to help decrease the number of abortions among students with unplanned pregnancies, I find a strong ring of truth to the following:
In the years that I have attended the March and stood at the Supreme Court Steps, I’ve heard literally hundreds of post-abortive women give their testimony.

NOT ONE ever said that an abortion clinic employee ever asked if she was doing this because she felt there were no other options.

NOT ONE reported a clinic employee offering assistance.

NOT ONE reported the presence of a case worker or social worker trying to ensure that the woman knew all of the many services of government and private charity.

NOT ONE reported a clinic worker trying to ascertain if this was truly a CHOICE or the woman being threatened or coerced into an abortion.


What I did hear repeatedly was threats from family and boyfriends, of parents dragging the girl to the abortuary, of loneliness, fear, isolation, shame, guilt, and ignorance of the reality of a baby well along in its development.

No word on pro-choicers actually educating women about their choices, empowering women to choose life by offering access to the means necessary to sustain that life nutritionally, medically and socially.

The most tragic aspect of abortion, to me, is the number of women who support its choice because they lack faith in the power of Goodness, Truth and Beauty. My mother was one such woman. I have close friends who embrace this also. They see these things as abstract, as luxuries that women caught in unwanted pregnancies cannot afford. What a tragic reversal of the real state of affairs at the Heart of Existence. Goodness, truth and beauty are the fire that warms and sustains human lives and relationships. They are not luxuries for the few, but necessities for all. Not by bread alone are we fed - but by every choice we make for the Good, the True, and the Beautiful. For life.

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