Wednesday, January 06, 2010

My beloved Daughters of St. Paul are being sued by Church of Scientology!

Read about the lawsuit, which originates in Italy where the Pauline Family was founded by Blessed James Alberione:

Is it serendipitous or ironic that just this morning I finished a novena to the Holy Spirit that included, among its intentions, that Tom Cruise would return to the practice of Catholicism?

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barb said...

Scientology claims to support freedom of speech, yet this is how they deal with the publishing of a biography by a woman terribly used by the cult.

Scientology claims to support human rights, yet within its paramilitary Sea Organization, people like Maria Pia Gardini are relieved of their money, their savings, their families and their freedom. Female members are coerced into having abortions, as children in the Sea Org is strictly not permitted.

There are many people speaking out about their experiences in the Sea Org. Some, like Ms. Gardini, have written books. A few are suing for compensation of decades of slavery at less than minimum wage.

Scientology pretends to support free speech, but look what they're threatening to do; suppress the rights of others to speak out.

Scientology pretends to support human rights; forming "Youth For Human Rights" groups while deeply abusing the rights of their own women, foreign workers, and children.