Sunday, December 20, 2009

Father Barron on "Gran Torino" (SPOILERS)

My sister Marguerite has made me a fan of Father Robert Barron and his Word on Fire ministries. Fr. Barron is doing a bang-up job of viewing the culture and the media through the lens of the gospel.
He's got a very Alberionian spirit, although he is not a Pauline.

Here's his YouTube piece on "Gran Torino", a movie I loved.
And here's one response he got to it, sure proof that his work is bearing wonderful fruit:

Father Barron –

I found your web site somewhat
by accident. Actually I
found you when looking for video about “Gran
Torino”. I do believe with God
there are no coincidences.

I wanted
to let you know that you have
inspired in me something I had lost. Your
commentaries have re-ignited a
curiosity and love for God and the Catholic

Thank you for not
speaking down to me. Thank you for using
technology to spread God’s message.

I have found spirituality as a
recovering alcoholic. Thank you for
helping me to find my Catholicism.

Warmest regards,

Dave S.

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Anonymous said...

ILOVED that movie. And the whole time I watched it, all I could think was how much Curt would've, too. Personally, I thought Clint got hosed award-time, and that this should've gotten several. Much, much better than Flags of our Fathers, etc. TBW