Thursday, November 19, 2009

Interview with the only Republican rep. to vote for the Nov. 7 health care reform bill

Former Jesuit, Congressman Cao Discusses Using Ignatian Discernment to Reach Health Care Vote Decision
I found this interview quite enlightening. Whatever one thinks of the health reform bill itself, Cao's discernment process on it was more thorough than my own. Had mine been more thorough, would I have arrived at a different opinion?
Two opposing forces have marked my interior life recently: 1) a simultaneous disgust with and compulsion to imbibe the polarizing punditry of the various political voices on the Net, and 2) a drying up of my prayer life, a laziness extending to pretty much anything except intercessory prayer for those who ask.
I wonder if the two might be related rather than in opposition? Possibly the indulgence in snarky punditry leads to both a desensitization of my conscience and will to carry out my civic duty, and a spiritual acedia.
If this is the illness, what is the remedy? I probably know it but don't want to swallow the medicine.
Tip of the hat to Sherry Weddell for the Cao interview, found at Intentional Disciples: Discerning the Good in Congress

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