Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rest in peace, Jim Pouillon

Jill Stanek writes about Jim Pouillon, the pro-life activist murdered outside of a high school last week.

I was impressed when I met Jill at a pro-life dinner several years ago. She told the story of how she became a pro-life activist after finding a baby gasping its life out in a laundry room at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, IL after being aborted alive. When she brought it to the attention of others, she was told that now and then it happens, and they just let the baby die off to the side. She worked hard to help craft, find support for, and then bring to passage the federal"Born Alive Infants Protection Act of 2001", a bill then-Senator Obama voted against as did the other legislators committed to extreme right to abortion philosophy.

As someone who regularly holds signs of aborted fetuses outside of a Planned Parenthood in Wilmington, Delaware, I was sorry to see Pouillon's murder given such short shrift in the media, especially given the widescale press coverage of abortion provider George Tiller's murder earlier this year. Many, many people-- not just pro-choice but pro-life folks -are uncomfortable with the public display of "bloody fetus" imagery. It took me three years to come to where I saw the worth of it, and more time before I held one myself. And I still feel awkward doing so, knowing that to do so marks me as a kind of unintelligent fanatic in the eyes of folks I would enjoy discussing abortion with.

The photos are a witness to the horror of abortion. They are as valid and relevant a witness as are the photographs of the dead and dying in Darfur, photos of Idi Amin's butchery, photos of the Khymer Rouge victims, photos of lynched black men.

Jim Pouillon gave regular witness to the horror of legalized abortion for the last decades of his life. I salute him.

Here's part of Jill's essay:

Jim was "controversial," the press and pro-aborts say, because he held signs of aborted babies.
Oh yeah, we say, and George Tiller wasn't? What's more "controversial" – aborting babies or showing pictures of aborted babies?
Harlan Drake allegedly killed another man the same morning he killed Jim for a totally unrelated reason, they say, as if to dilute the magnitude of Jim's murder.
Oh yeah, we say, and what about Eric Rudolph, who not only killed two abortion workers in a Birmingham clinic firebombing but also planted bombs at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta and the Otherside Lounge, a lesbian bar?
Blah, blah, blah. It will never end.
But Jim's life here on earth did. I never knew Jim, but reading about him was like reading the story of a thousand other activist pro-lifers I have met through the years. Good people, salt of the earth, often a rag-tag bunch that smart people of the world look down on.

A man's death is worth expending some rhetoric on, I think.

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