Thursday, July 02, 2009

Planned Parenthood of Delaware -- they are now as I was once; may they be soon as I am now

At Dover I introduced myself to Emily Knearl, whose face I see every Friday when I come out to protest abortion at the Planned Parenthood clinic at 7th and Shipley in Wilmington. Ms. Knearl is Vice President for Public Affairs at Planned Parenthood of Delaware. She had come out to Dover, as I had, because of her interest in SB169, only from the other side of the fence. The bill would restrict the activity of pro-life protesters within 100 feet of "health care clinics" beyond the limits of existing law in other states or in federal law.

She gave me a somewhat chilly reception, which is what I have come to expect when I try to make nice with philosophical foes. I don't know why folks on opposite sides don't like to talk. I love discourse, especially with antagonists. I guess it is the nature of warfare, although in the movies primary foes tend to be quite loquacious with one another. Captain Kirk and Khan. Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd.

Here's a poem I wrote years ago. I call it The Abortion Poem. Somehow I was reminded of it by my encounter in Dover.

The Abortion Poem, by Rae Stabosz

or: Mother Earth Plans, Men and Women Fight, and the Wounded Fall

When I was a hippie,
we ate brown rice
and soya beans
(soy beans rice & onions
make my tongue hard still)
we were natural
oh so natural naked brown rice in the sun
but we took our Pill
oh yes we took our Pill.

Now I am a yuppie
we eat pasta
(not spaghetti, not the homemade sticks of duram
that my grandmom made)
we eat pasta
and love whales and seals and dolphins
and get mad
when polyestered men and women
speak repressive stupid slogans
"save the baby humans".
We get mad.

The tuna men
are pigs
for killing dophins
for their paychecks
but we women
soar like eagles
on the bodies of our young.

So our spirits
can soar chainless
so our lives
can whole
our bodies
build our minds
for our own betterment:
we kill.

I am woman,
(watch me sore)
I am trapped and caught
by no man
but i will not let my spirit
o'er the backs
of the unplanned dead

Unplanned and unprovided for
unwanted and unnourished,
bread that you and i could knead
if only we did not elaborate
our interest
in ecology
so poorly.

I once carried to term
a night
that was unplanned;
the lightning shook me open
rolled me badly
hurt me sore.
That night
I woke up scarred
That night
I knew how to end the hunger.
That night
I left the front lines retching.
Of the war of men and women
I will fight no more forever,
that night.
Since then
I've been living by the night
and feeding empty bellies one by one
that night, unplanned.
Unplanned is not
uncared for
unwanted not a fatal state;
the night cares for its own.
Oh. And SB169?

The legislature did not work the bill on Tuesday, and so it will be left until the next session convenes in January of 2010 for the bill to be resurrected and voted on.

If it is enacted, it will immediately be contested in court. If it reaches the Supreme Court, it will most likely be ruled unconstitutional, as the Court has previously ruled that it is unconstitutional for a state to enact laws restricting first amendment rights around a "floating buffer zone", ie. an object in transit such as a car or a person. The state of Delaware taxpayers are not going to want to pay out the tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars that will be necessary to litigate a bill that should never have been passed from the get-go, as its constitutionality is extremely suspicious. I have confidence that the people of Delaware, regardless of their stand on abortion, will not allow their legislators to pass a bill that will cause so much money to be diverted from more necessary tasks, in this time of economic recession.

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