Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Poem by my baby girl Gabriel Stabosz, all growed up now into Gabriel Norton

For a week I have been basking in family, as middle daughter Gabe visits from Alabama with Zeke (4) and Amelia (2).  Son-in-law David arrives tonight. My baby girl is all grown up.

Gabe was going through a storage container of old papers this morning, and found a poem she had written during her adolescence.  It is just SO GABE, I had to publish it.

i sneezed out my soul today,
it just flew right out.
i tried to catch it but i missed.
What do you do without a soul?
Sit like a lump,
under a tree,
in a field of flowers,
and not even see its beauty.

Walk in the fluffy air
smell the rain
have no exitement for what's coming.

i'll search and hunt
in every place
and i'll find it someday.
When I do,
I'll remember to use a tissue.

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