Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Patricia Blevins, B Bushweller, Bethany Hall-Long, M R Henry, Michael Katz, Harris McDowell, Karen Peterson, D Sokola, Dorinda Connor, Liane Sorenson

Shame, shame, shame on you all!

Above you will find named those members of the Delaware legislature deserving to be on the:

Delaware Senators Wall of Shame -- this includes every senator who sponsored SB 169, which if enacted would restrict the First Amendment rights of pro-life activists when they gather peaceably on public space outside of abortion clinics.

SB 169, if enacted, will most assuredly be challenged in the courts. Delaware taxpayers will foot the bill for a protracted litigation of a bill that is most likely unconstitutional.

During this economic recession, do Delawareans really want to support legislators who pass bills they know are unconstitutional, which will result in tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayers' money being used not to improve the lives of Delawareans but for lawyer's fees that will likely be wasted in a fight all the way to the Supreme Court, a fight that will almost certainly end in defeat for the sponsors of the bill?

Note that article 1234A 1 is already covered by federal law, which prevents the obstruction of sidewalk areas by pro-life activists exercising First Amendment rights.

Note that article 1234A 2 goes far beyond any legislation existing in disallowing pro-life activists who are assembled legally and without obstruction of public walkways to educate, teach, or even speak to members of the public without their express consent. This violates First Amendment rights in an egregious manner, and is obviously intended to prevent sidewalk counseling in the manner that is already protected by federal law.

This law has already passed the Senate. There is time to keep it from being passed if you call your representatives NOW.

You pro-life folks out there -- do you want to see this law pass in the Senate today, the last legislative day of the fiscal year? Call your Representatives and tell them VOTE NO TO SB 169!

You pro-choice folks out there -- do you want to see First Amendment rights suppressed just to prevent the "A" word from being mentioned outside of the clinics in which it takes place? Is the pro-choice argument so poor that the only way it can be defended is to suppress discussion of pro-life alternatives? Call your Representatives and tell them to VOTE NO TO SB 169.

You folks with no opinion on abortion -- do you want to see tens if not hundreds of thousands of Delaware taxpayer dollars tied up in a useless attempt to bolster an unconstitutional bill when it is challenged in the court system? Call your Representatives and tell them to VOTE NO TO SB 169!

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