Thursday, May 21, 2009

A young Catholic reviews old Catholic music as we watch the eternal pendulum swing fore and aft.

I found the following in an Amazon review of Catholic Latin Classics, a CD I just acquired. The reviewer was 16 years old when she wrote it in 2002. We baby boomer Catholics are the ones who lived through the times she writes about. Unlike some of my peers, I love both the traditional Catholic music and the "guitar Mass" style music that was almost all that was played for 30+ years after Vatican II. But I was quite taken with this review, and the light it shed on the differences between generations. I love that the Catholic culture of my childhood is being embraced again by my children and grandchildren's generation.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Aaaaaah... that's better! ;-), September 30, 2002
Not that they didn't perhaps have good intentions, but I often feel as though those '60's generation Catholics quietly disposed of the rich and all-embracing ("catholic"!) Faith that was to be my birthright, and, beaming, set a big ol' mess of steaming pottage in front of me instead. They told me how lucky I was not to have grown up being forced to listen to Latin, be taught by real live nuns, or shock my poor tender eyes on statues or ornate high altars. Instead, I would have the privelige of attending guitar-and-maraca Masses, where the priest warbled the words of consecration in a sort of blues tune, and-... Ai! Is this really about the God "who gives joy to my youth"? Then why did they, ahem, cut that line? Trying to reconcile all this relentlessly chirpy weirdness with the Holy And Awesome Sacrifice that IS going on - it always deals me Kafka-esque trauma and a headache.

My fellow reviewer from Connecticut, you are so lucky... I can attend the Old Latin Mass only once a month. When I get out of college, I want to move somewhere where I can go every day and live a NORMAL Catholic life! Man, I must be the weirdest teenager in the Valley... ::sighs:: Eek! It's hard not to start using this thing as a message board...

Anyway, keep the Music alive in your hearts with this CD until we can bring it back to the sanctuaries! The day will come... ::smiles tearfully::

Ostende nobis, Domine, misericordiam tuam.

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