Monday, May 18, 2009

The social justice activism you did not see yesterday at Notre Dame

For your consideration:

Miles of pro-life protestors line the road into Notre Dame yesterday.

These folks are ordinary Americans who came from around the country to stand against the egregious violation of human rights that is legalized abortion.

As for the commencement itself?

Father Jenkins' demeanor and comport affected me far more than did Obama's. Obama was merely doing his schtick. Hail fellow well met, jolly rhetoric with lots of abstract nouns that sound good and mean absolutely nothing.

Fr. Jenkins, on the other hand, made me almost physically ill. I can not begin to count the ways he conveyed a smarmy worldliness and betrayal of Christ. Was there nobody to fit him with a millstone before he came out there, addressing that sea of young Catholics with his effusive praise of Obama? Were any of the faculty sitting behind him uneasy at the spectacle of a Catholic leader playing Ed McMahon's "Heeeerrrrre's Johnny" to our media-savvy young president? A president who came joking, winking and showing fond indulgence towards the few protestors uncool enough to think the bishops were serious when they advised Catholic institutions not to host dignitaries who support abortion and other non-negotiable evils?

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