Monday, May 11, 2009

Blog, blog, blogging again...

There are not two separate kingdoms, one for the living and one for the dead. There is only God's kingdom and, living or dead, we are all therein.
- Georges Bernanos
Baptisms have a way of breaking my personal inertia.

After my son Simon died, in March of 1982, Bill and I started sleeping downstairs on the couch. We were still sleeping on the couch when Walter was born in August. In September, Fr. Goldstein baptized him with great ceremony during the evening CCD classes at Holy Angels, with all of the CCD kids in attendance. That night we climbed upstairs and slept in our own bedroom for the first time since the night Simon died.

Neither of us ever spoke a word about our change in sleeping location -- neither when we started sleeping downstairs, nor when we climbed back up to our own room the night of Walter's baptism. It was one of those unspoken things.

I haven't blogged since Easter. My various joint ailments flared up and gave me both chronic pain and a lot of discouragement about my inability to lose weight and so relieve the pressure on my arthritis joints.

Yesterday, Emily and Scott's son -- and my newest grandchild -- Simon Eric Gregg (named after that first Simon & his brother Eric) was baptized. We had a perfect May day, sunshine in a blue sky, trees in bright green leaves, flowers blooming in all shades of whites & pinks & yellows, with a cool wind taking the edge off of the Delaware hot spring humidity. My grandson Wade was drafted into service at the baptismal font, holding the liturgical book while Father Nash poured on the waters of baptism, and then anointed the babies' heads with the sacred oil.

Afterwards we had a party at my house. Meatballs and shells. Salads both vegetable and orzo with fruit. Wine and water and beer and Coke Zero & Sprite & box drinks. Maria made a flan that was so good I ate four pieces, and skipped the cake from Bing's.

Owen demonstrated his frisbee-throwing skills, skimming it so high that it landed in one of the tall pines in back of the house. Mike then started throwing my dust mop up into the tree trying to dislodge the frisbee. Eventually the dust mop got stuck in the tree also. By this time the guys were having big fun. After they finally dislodged both objects by poking at them with a tall ladder, Owen threw the frisbee again and got it stuck on the top of the house...

A good time was had by all, except for the newly baptized whose pacifier was lost in the shuffle. But Aunt Marg ran to the store & picked up another one, and all was calm and quiet.

And I'm blogging again.

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