Thursday, April 09, 2009

Poem for Holy Thursday

At Mass With the Blessed Virgin Mary

A cloud of witnesses assembles near

The altar, yet not seeking Aaron's rod
In blossom; theirs to behold in mystic rite

The immolation of the Lamb of God.

Around the Virgin Mother of the Lamb

(The snow recedes before her purity)

They gather unafraid, her motherhood

Their welling peace, their sweet security.

No sound is heard, but soon anointed hands

Will hold the Anointed One he bids come forth

Into this world, as once at Bethlehem

When countless angels hailed the sacred birth.

Now Mary leads the choirs of th' assembled throng,

One hundred thousand thousand voices cry,

"Lord God of hosts, accept our sacrifice;

Send blessings on Thy people, Adonai."

- Louise Manning, r.c.
The poem is from Their Music is Mary:Selected Poems from Queen of All Hearts Magazine by the Montfort Fathers (Montfort Publications).

I selected it as appropriate for this Feast, even though the reference to Bethlehem in stanza three is unexpected and theologically counter-intuitive.

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