Thursday, April 02, 2009

Brian Andreas is a Trusting Soul

I'm culling my Pious Ladies Bookmobile stock so that I retain only books that a) I like and/or b) they will sell for more than $8.00. I do this periodically and it allows me to make discoveries all over again.

For example: TRUSTING SOUL: Collected Stories & Drawings by Brian Andreas. This is a beautifully crafted book, goofy drawings & text printed in two separate fonts so that it seems like two separate voices, the whole of it printed on high quality paper. My copy is black on gray. I see that he now has a color cover version, but I think I prefer the black and gray.

Visit his web site to get a flavor for this artist, writer, husband and father. His stuff makes me smile:

Don't you dare be
rational at a time
like this, she told
me, or I'll be forced
to admit I wasted
all these years on

I asked her what she planned
to do with her life & she said
she was way beyond that
point already. I'm just happy
I remember to be there when
it happens, she said.

There has never been
a day when I have not
been proud of you,
I said to my son,
though some days
I'm louder about
other stuff so it's
easy to miss that.

I'm very broad minded
usually, she said, but it
gets very narrow & fast
in spots.
I try & walk a line between terror & ecstasy, she said & then she shook her head. You'd be amazed at the people who avoid me for no good reason, other than that.


1. Get together with the family

2. Relive old times

3. Get out before it blows.

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