Monday, February 23, 2009

Worlds Apart - Excerpt 7 - Maverick interrupts a baptism

It's been nearly a month since I excerpted from Worlds Apart. In that time, Alex has headed out towards his date with Carol; Hydra did some world-jumping and landed in Alex's world; and Maverick followed him, arriving on Earth via a transport device that landed him in a Catholic church's confessional booth...

I know, I know... it's easier to read digitally on Kindle than straight off the Internet. But relax... chill out with a Coke ... (product placement)... and read how Maverick arrives in our world.

Worlds Apart

By Kyle Crocco


“…what kind of backward savages are these Earth people …”

The priest was going to drown the naked baby. Or at least that’s what it looked like to Maverick when he stepped out of the confessional booth and slipped off his dark glasses. In front of him stood a man wearing black robes, plunging a crying, naked infant deep into what looked to be a cold basin of water. At least thirty people stood by to witness this murder dressed in their best formal wear.

“What kind of backward savages are these Earth people?” Maverick muttered.

Just as he reached for his hand blaster to settle the matter, the baby popped out of the water and gave a short cry. Everyone smiled and laughed. There was even some clapping. And no one seemed to be making any moves to drown the baby again.

As Maverick lowered the hand blaster, his palm navigational device gave off a loud chirp that echoed loudly through the cathedral.

Thirty some heads swiveled to look at him all at once.

“Who’s that?” someone muttered.

“Barbarian,” someone said.

“Hey, I wasn’t the one drowning a little baby,” Maverick shouted, his voice also echoing through the cathedral.

Several of the people gasped.

The device chirped again, and Maverick made a hasty exit to the cathedral doors, while stuffing the hand blaster back into his waistband.

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