Monday, January 26, 2009

A Eucharistic riddle from Tuscany

Here's a snappy Tuscan riddle with a Christ theme. It's short enough to read in Italian even if you don't know the language, just to get the flavor of the rhyme.

I want to go back to reading Dante in Italian. It's a beautiful language.

Il Grano

Io son preso e son legato:
Son battuto e flagellato,
E di spine incoronato.
Non son uomo, non son Dio:
Ma se giungo all'esser mio,
Saro` uomo e saro` Dio.
-- Anonymous

The Wheat
(of the briar-crowned stack)

I have been taken, have been bound;
I have been beaten all around,
And with thorns I have been crowned.
Not as a man, nor God, I grew:
But if I reach my Being True,
I shall be Man, and God, for you.
- translated by Grace Warrack

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