Saturday, January 24, 2009

Obama's opening abortion sally

Obama has begun implementing his abortion stand by overturning the Mexico City Policy (aka the "global gag rule"), but one day later than expected. At least one analyst considers the one-day delay worthy of note.

I am sick. I knew it was coming. Yet, I am sick to my gut in a way I did not anticipate. The eight years since Clinton have caused me to take for granted a basic understanding of the goodness of unborn human life at the top of our country's leadership. A basic notion that CHOOSE LIFE is the option that our humanity cries out for us to heed. He sets before us life and death. And now we choose... DEATH of the most vulnerable... from the President on down of a country founded on the principle that all men are created equal.

Ugh. Ugh. Puke.

Does it matter if Obama deliberately chose a one-day delay to send a message to both sides? I dunno. I am trying to give this president the benefit of the doubt, hoping that if he is a sincere man he might be open to conversion. If he seeks to do good, perhaps the Holy Spirit will move his heart to a knowledge of the horror of the industry of abortion. It is a horrific industry that puts $$$$ into the pockets of those who deal death directly, aided and abetted by those who by their votes or their silence are complicit with an unparalleled destruction of human life in our nation's history.

Puke. Puke. Ugh.

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