Thursday, December 11, 2008

Why this shopping season is more & more like a gambling hall

I buy my clothes mostly at either Goodwill or Coldwater Creek Clearance.  I usually wait until Coldwater Creek has free shipping and some percentage off so that the clearance stuff is as low as it can possibly get.  I'm almost 60 years old and am probably never going to change my ways as far as being a funky dresser, especially now that I'm retired.

So Coldwater Creek has been touting a 25% Off with Free Shipping for the last couple of weeks. Yesterday, they sent me an email, "Last Day for Free Shipping and 25% Off!"  I went into their clearance site, picked out a couple of cardigan sweaters for winter, and then decided that I'd rather save money and look for cardigans at the Goodwill.

So this morning, in my Inbox, a new email from Coldwater Creek:

30% Off and Free Shipping!

Boy I'd be one peeved lady if I'd broke down and bought the cardigans yesterday.

Course now I'm tempted to buy them today...

But sheesh, corporate America, could you BE more DESPERATE?!