Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The manger is way, truth and life. O come, all ye faithful!

Christmas Eve arrives. The annual angst descends upon me. Despite the fact that we drew names this year instead of the usual free falling gift buying, will people expect gifts from me? Will they be hurt not to receive them?

I offer up a halting prayer, Hail Mary after Hail Mary while contemplating the Third Joyful Mystery of the rosary, the Birth of the Lord. I offer this up for my family and friends, and I pray for a Christmas miracle!

Lord Jesus, Christ Child, Son of David, Son of Mary, grant me a joyous celebration of your birth with the ones I love, and grant me the Christmas miracle of holding fast to a penitent, joyful heart with which to celebrate YOU! The reason for the season!

The manger is way, truth and life

From the writings of Blessed James Alberione- tip of the hat to Sr. Margaret Charles Kerry for sending this to her Pauline Cooperator charges.

The manger is way:

Descending from the heavens, Jesus does not choose to open a great university before men’s eyes. He comes to us instead, in a cave where the animals find refuge. And Mary, instrument of Divine Providence, places him in a manger. The reign of God begins always like a mustard seed. The works of God begin in this way. Blessed is the one who begins from the manger.

The manger is truth:

The manger is the center of the story. The manger is a lamp for humanity, a lamp that must give light to all humanity: ”He was the true light that enlightens every man.” (John 1:9) Since then, everything flows from the Son of God, who is the light, the Truth and Wisdom of the Father, so then all of the human and theological sciences find their center in the manger, because the true Master is Christ. All light comes from Jesus. God in his mercy, gives us His wisdom.

The manger is life:

The manger is grace. All the good things that we could ever desire or seek, we find in the Child Jesus lying on the hay in the manger. Jesus is totally poor as regards earthly goods but he is totally rich in heavenly goods, or better still, he is the wealth of the Father and of men. Let us go to him with trust and express to him our personal needs, the needs of humanity, the needs of our brothers and sisters, the needs of all we love and who love us. Let us remember everyone, widening our hearts, especially let us reach out to those in need of spiritual help.

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