Friday, November 21, 2008

Pauline Charism Live!

In this year of St. Paul, I'm all about digging deeper into the Pauline charism. Becoming a Pauline Cooperator was a turning point in my spiritual life. Which is to say, in my life, why be coy? In the way of the world, confessing that one's life is a love relationship with God is tantamount to confessing oneself to be nutsy cuckoo or at least not tethered to the real world, but out there floating on some cloud like my mother said about me when I was much younger. 

But what else is there? I mean, really? I want to spend eternity in love like a schoolgirl telling my Maker all sorts of excessive murmurings about how wonderful it was when He came into my life -- duh, at the very beginning! -- and how great He is, how much joy life has given me -- and sorrow too, yes, plenty of it, but the sharpness and power of the joy is greater than the darkest depths, into which I have been plunged time and again by the tragedies of life and my own skittish psyche. 

I dreamed about Garrett Morris just now. In the dream, I asked him pointedly if he felt like a fish out of water on Saturday Night Live, surrounded by all those dope-smoking white hippie comics. "Not that you didn't smoke dope yourself," I said, and he smiled.

"Race is everything," he said.

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