Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The News Journal on Owen Danyo and Blessed James Alberione

Blessed Giacomo Alberione, my spiritual mentor, put his whole life in the service of what he called "the good press" -- using all the modern forms of media, from newspapers to radio to tv to movies -- to tell the Good News (the gospel) instead of the bad. Read Owen's story as reported by Gary Soulsman in the News Journal. And read what Gary wrote about the process of canonization in the Catholic Church.

Now read what one of the folks at the St. Catherine of Siena Institute said about the story:

There may be two miracles here: Owen's, and that of a well-done, thoughtful
news story about him.

And thank God for the gift of good journalists like Gary Soulsman and good photographers like Fred Comegys. It's a whole lot easier to write a good story of a tragedy, one with blood and guts and the dark side of human nature, than to write a good story about good news. Cool!


Anonymous said...

Wow, this is great, Rae. On all counts. Wonderful story, coverage and of course the wonder of Owen's miracle. T in NJ

Rae said...

Thanks, GF! It's been an exhausting and exciting month, fer sure...


Preeti Preeti said...

Nice Pic