Thursday, September 04, 2008

Weighing in on Sarah Palin

The Christian Science monitor had my favorite analysis of what Sarah Palin accomplished last night.  I thought I'd weigh in with some thoughts:
  1. I like her. She seems like the real deal to me. And by that I mean not a saint (which is the real deal to me) but a politician who might actually have the capability to govern and administer in a statesmanlike manner.  She can do the whole speak-in-front-of-the-audience thing with poise, and she has governed successfully, however briefly, both at a local and a state level.
  2. She is actively pro-life and a member of Feminists for Life, whose founder Serrin Foster impressed me mightily when I shared pizza with her before she spoke at the University of Delaware last year. My most excellent friend Cat Clark, another outstanding pro-life feminist, now works full-time for FFL. I could become an evangelist for their ideas on how to get pro-life and pro-choice college students to collaborate on projects that are beneficial to women and to each ideology's goals. 
  3. She has a normal 21st-century family, and isn't ashamed of them.  She also isn't ashamed of being a working mother. 
Of course she's a politician, and her speech was calculated to pluck various strings - small town voters from flyover states; mothers of kids with disabilities; soldiers and those who love them; women who are happy to see a modeler of women's equality, especially women like me who are disaffected Democrats and who are not theocrats regardless of what the Christian-fearers believe. 

Bottom line for me -- she is not a token woman any more than Obama is a token black. Both, in their own right, are viable candidates in a country where race and gender are still not non-issues.  

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