Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sifu Scott Gregg - a photo for the family album

The things  you find on the Internet! My baby girl Emily has been married to Kung Fu practitioner and  instructor Scott Gregg since February; they are expecting their first child in December.  I needed to include Scott in an email setting up the Stabosz family outing to the latest Coen Brothers film (Burn After Reading) tomorrow.  Going as a family to a new Coen Bros. film is a tradition. 

I never did find Scott's email address, but I did find this photo from his page at the kung fu school where he teaches and trains.  Isn't this a cool pic? 

Only a mother-in-law can get away with this kind of thing.  

My grandson Donal turned one year old last week. I'll be posting proud pictures of him as soon as I get some from the party!

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