Thursday, September 04, 2008

On the brou-ha-ha over Bristol Palin's pregnancy

Peter Chattaway over at Film Chat quotes Rod Dreyer, and says it all for me:
As Rod Dreher puts it, "I can't help thinking that in the matter of Bristol Palin and her unborn child, many on the left simply can't stand it that conservatives are failing to live up to the malign stereotypes liberals have of them."
Read all of "Pro-lifers and teen pregnancy," Rod Dreyer's beliefnet blog post. It's a good one. 

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Anonymous said...

I get it, and like the blogger, even though I'm ok with birth control etc. Part of my challenge with this stuff is the financial aspect of the choice, as in when folks generally decide to have children they may not be prepared to raise, emotionally, financially etc. If they do so repeatedly, and require government support, I'm not feeling so good about that, whether young and unwed, or older and wed. My Methodist farmer depression era father would say that it is immoral to engender responsibility that you can't live up to in all respects.

Which is NOT to say that a person who falls on hard times and has children should not be helped. Things happen. But to have failed to have planned in the first place, to not have your act together and assume others will pick up the slack, not so good. Politically, then, I do take issue with people who wittingly have children they cannot reasonably afford and then go hunting up government services for same. It's a form of tax on others who may have been more responsible. Teri