Saturday, September 27, 2008

I won an award!

Hey folks,

My loyal reader and fellow Pauline cooperator Easter has given me an "I love your blog" award. Thanks, Easter!  Easter runs a lovely blog called Mostly Prayers from the beautiful state of Hawaii, where from time to time she posts pictures like this one from last Advent and this one from July that make me long to visit our fiftieth state and meet the Pauline community there in person.  

And I in turn, as per one hand washing another, nominate these blogs, because I do love them all:

1. Church of the Masses - Barbara Nicolosi's blog. Barb got the title for her blog from this quote she dug up from the 1930's: Quote
Barb is my favorite movie critic, and she has a wicked insider's slant on the love-hate relationship between Hollywood and religious folks. She's also a screenwriter, a teacher, an essayist, a former DSP, and a fun person to be around should you be so lucky. She recently wrote that she hangs out mostly at Facebook these days, so I may have to learn how to navigate that social networking monster. 

2. Christifideles - Eric Ewanco's blog. Eric runs a similarly named e-list that's been around for a long time. Since before the days of blogs. You never know what will turn up on his blog.

3. Catholic Light (NOT Catholic lite!) - I only know one of the four guys who writes this blog, Richard Chonak.  They are a moderately curmudgeonly group, but I love their commentary. Even though I like the St. Louis Jesuits who wrote the folky liturgical songs in the 70's that are still quite in vogue today, and Richard cannot abide them. 

4. Mostly Prayers - Easter's blog. If you are tired of the wrangling and want to luxuriate in the wonder of God's creation and love, come to Easter's little corner of the blogosphere.

5. Pauline Cooperators Blog - Sr. Margaret Charles Kerry, fsp -- SHE THE WOMAN!! RAH, RAH!! She roped me into the Paulines, introduced me to Father Alberione, and for that I will love her forever...

6. Some Have Hats - Karen Hall's caustic wit makes me hope I never get on her bad side. But I love her blog. Like her friend Barbara Nicolosi, she gives me my Hollywood industry fix from time to time.

7. Catholic and Enjoying It. Mark Shea doesn't need my nomination, his blog has been well-traveled and well-known since its beginning.  Mark has my respect and nomination because he almost single-handedly, among conservative Catholic bloggers, held the line against approval of the use of torture by U.S. personnel or their agents in the war against terror. Thank you, Mark. You provided the intellectual support I needed for my own stand against what is to me clearly a violation of human rights. 

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