Sunday, August 17, 2008

Paulines on the move again!

The title is a little deceptive -- the Pauline Family is always on the move. As a Pauline Cooperator, it is my privilege to showcase the doings of Fr. Alberione's many orders and institutes.

This picture is from the Young Adult Vocation Retreat--Chicago, August 2008 given by the Daughters of St. Paul. One of the first things that attracted me to the Daughters was the way they are always smiling, and so are the people around them. I've gotten to know many of the sisters well by now, and I know their lives are as hard as all our lives. These are no sappy women who smile because they don't know any better. But the Pauline life and the commitment to communicating Jesus' gospel through modern media seems to have a salutary effect all around.

The Daughters of St. Paul have launched a new Catholic fiction effort -- the Catholic Imagination - in the Book and Media Centers, and the Society of Saint Paul (the Pauline priests and brothers) have launched a new online video service -- St. Paul's Tube -- from Fr. Jeffrey Mickler's home base at the Alba House Media Center in Canfield, Ohio.

I'll have more to write about both efforts soon. I am excited for this fall of the Year of St. Paul -- the Paulines are on the move!

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