Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Paulines on the move part II: Storytelling in the Catholic Imagination

Is the time ripe for a new Catholic Literary Revival?  Debra Murphy and the folks at Idylls Press think so, and have been actively praying for a renaissance in Catholic letters.

Has the Holy Spirit been whispering to the Daughters of St. Paul? Starting this summer, five of the Pauline Book & Media centers in the US. have launched a new category for their shelves:

Storytelling in the Catholic Imagination

Pauline Books & Media is committed to offering you fiction that: 

1) provides a lens through which to interpret popular culture; 

2) offers underlying themes with a Catholic sensibility (the moral universe, sin & redemption, a supernatural order, the choice for truth); 

3) respects the human person, revealing their dignity, destiny, freedom & responsibility.


Chris Friel and Sister An Mei Lam show the new Storytelling in the Catholic Imagination section of Philadelphia's Pauline Book and Media Center .

The new category features handouts explaining the spiritual aspects of storytelling in the Catholic imagination, as well as bookmarks for each of the new titles explaining how it fits into the overall category.

The five Pauline Bookstores offering the new category are:
Manhattan, NY - 212-754-1110

Alexandria, VA - 703-549-3806

Why don't you think about supporting the effort - make a trip to one of the Centers, see what they are about.  If they don't have what you want, ask if they can get it. 

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