Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What I'm doing during my retirement -- part II

Pictures of my grandkids and kids. I need to find the batch I took of grandson Donal in Baltimore, with his mom and dad.
Here are:
Ruth and Wade at the Newark Halloween parade.
Gabe, Amelia and Zeke in Alabama this summer.
Zeke up front and personal.
Son Ish (aka "Uncle Shoes") with Ruth, Wade & Owen.
Beautiful Amelia, the southern belle.
Scott and Em at their post-elopement wedding party.
Got to find me some Donal...


Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear that you love the house. It makes me smile to know that you enjoy all the work we did to make it a nice place to live.
kristin m.

Rae said...


Just got back from my many road trips to see this nice note from you. I have thought so often over the past months of sending you a card, just to let you know how much I love the house and especially all the work you did in it. My friends know that I am a complete idiot about house and home decor. I'm an old hippie raised by a mom who flew airplanes in WWII but never spent any more time with her home than she absolutely needed to. The colors of the walls at 811, the window treatments, the beautiful etched glass on the front door that first caught my attention online -- all of these things are such a boon for me. I would have been lost if I had to try and do all of that from scratch.

Thank you so much. I love your work inside and outside of this house. In just a few months, it has become home, completely, to my family and to me. My husband has taken up my phrase also, "I love this house."