Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pulse: unexpectedly good, low-budget horror flick

Pulse, with Kristin Bell as the star, Samm Levine in a secondary role, Brad Dourif in a 2-minute cameo, and nobody else I recognized. A horror movie that really creeped me out. Techno-horror. The last half hour could be condensed into about 10 minutes with no big loss. Still, a wonderfully effective creeporama.

UPDATE: I read the reviews after posting and see that I am in the minority in lauding this film. Apparently Pulse is a remake of yet another Japanese horror film, one purportedly with a much better meditative take on modern alienation. I stand by my opinion. The alienation came through loud and clear in this Americanized version. The things that the critics did not like about the film, I did: the characters are hard to relate to (check), there are too few BIG BOO moments (check), the lighting is morose (check).

I dunno. I really liked this movie. It disturbed me the way horror movies ought.

Film School Rejects has this to say about the film, and I concur:
Is Pulse scary? Depends on what your looking for. If you are a big fan of the jump scare type films, you will be disappointed, likewise if you are looking for gore, you’d best look elsewhere. What this film does succeed at is creating an atmosphere, there are a few jump scare moments, but they aren’t terribly frightening. The story centers on our overreliance on technology and the possible consequences therein. The film is more frightening in the build up and the implications than anything that is overtly displayed in the movie.

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