Friday, June 20, 2008

NPR looks at battles over aspects of same-sex unions

National Public Radio (NPR) has an article about the various legal battles being fought across the country due to the legitimization of same-sex unions and the legalizing of same-sex marriages.

If I were a wedding photographer, and asked to render wedding services to a same-sex couple, what would I do? I have had to make that decision in a personal capacity, but I am puzzling over what my obligations would be as a business person. I sell used books. I have never had reason to consider not selling a particular book to a particular person. I can't envision any such instance happening.

I do choose not to sell certain books, mostly occult works that purport to channel the communications of non-human intelligent beings. Also Jack Chick-like works referring to the Catholic Church as "Whore of Babylon" and that ilk. I will sell some books on divination, such as the I-Ching, but not others like The Magic Mirror of Nostradamus.

But that's all a matter of me deciding what I want to stock and sell. I can't imagine a circumstance in which someone would sue me for not stocking certain items.

I really feel for the wedding photographers in the NPR article who were sued by a lesbian couple and lost. It seems to me that they should be able to legally say no to requests to photograph a same-sex union ceremony.

The world gets stranger day by day.

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