Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Landenberg muse

My daughter Reetie revealed today that she has begun blogging, as The Landenberg Muse. The news makes me light-hearted. We have talked about collaborating on a writing project. It might be wishful thinking to hope that this news brings that closer to happening. I enjoy every opportunity to collaborate creatively with my children. Three weeks ago I participated in a live action role-playing game (LARP) that my son Ish created;daughters Reetie and Emily, nephews Robbie and Ernie, and granddaughter Ruth took part in it also, along with a number of Ish's gaming friends. Playing is ever so fun when your fellow players are people you love.

In a week or so Bill and I head out to Alabama to visit #2 daughter Gabriel and her family. On the way we'll spend time at son Dave's. All told I'll be hanging out with all six of my grandkids within the next two weeks. And grandchild #7 is on the way via the baby of the family, Emily, who with husband Scott is expecting their first child in December.

I'm cresting a wave of happiness at the moment. Troughs are doubtless in my future. God is good. Life is good.

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