Saturday, January 26, 2008

Michael Rew illustrated by Chagall's "The Prophet Isaiah"

I really like Michael Rew's poetry. Here is another one, and a link to his site, which I am putting on my blog roll.

So Sing God's Charity!

I praise the Lord because He took the tongs
and touched the coal against my lips and heart
and pardoned me and filled my soul with art,
with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs
and sonnets also since my heart belongs
to Jesus Christ, Whose love I know in part,
Whose blood has blotted out and torn apart
and cast away all record of my wrongs.
So sing in tongues and prophecies unceased
the charity of God, which never fails,
the love of God the God of love released
when sinners pressed the wood and drove the nails
into the King, Whose kingdom is increased
whenever love within His Church prevails!
~ by Michael Rew | Email:

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