Sunday, January 20, 2008

Michael Rew and James Christensen touch the hem of God's robe

Each day I pray, my prayer request the same,
that I may dwell in quietness and rest
and offer up the firstfruits with the best
upon the altar of my heart, each flame
rejoicing in the goodness of Thy Name;
with thanks because Thou hast heard my request;
with faith because it shall be manifest;

with joy because it shall be for Thy fame.
And when my branch shall flourish so fruits grow,
bring to my mind remembrance of this hymn,
that I no more am running to and fro,
but laying at Thy feet, Thy skirt my hem,
for I approach Mount Zion, for to go
to be Thy Bride, the New Jerusalem.

~ by Michael Rew , Psonnets of Worship

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