Saturday, January 26, 2008

Michael Healy Remembers When Kung and Von Hildebrand Came to Loyola

Richard Chonak over at Catholic Lite posted a most excellent story by Michael Healy that I need to retell here. But first some background.

My son Ish has recently become a fervent Catholic, and he has a hard time believing the stories I tell him of what it was like for his father and me when we returned to the Faith in the mid-70's. He can't conceive of a time when rosaries, novenas, Exposition and Adoration were not only NOT in vogue but were positively ridiculed by pastors and laity alike.

Healy's article recalls the spirit of those times very well. I am linking to it (go read it already!) because my son's generation of young Catholics need to understand the times we older folks lived through. Perhaps then they will see that we didn't do too badly just to keep the Faith alive in a dark time, let alone make any progress.

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