Friday, January 18, 2008

King of Glory


I love Stephen Colbert's Catholicism. I hope he never falls into the self-hating anger of a George Carlin. I don't see that happening. As the youngest of eleven children in an Irish Catholic family with whom he is still quite close, and a practicing Catholic who is not afraid to declare his churchiness, he's the best PR person the Faith has had in awhile. I love that he wore his ashes throughout his Ash Wednesday tv broadcast. I love that on his surveys he asks you to mark, under Religion:

a) Catholic


b) Other.

Here is a glorious spin on "liturgical dance," set to a song every Catholic who grew up in the 70's-90's knows and either loves or hates. It is taken from the rolling credits of one of the Strangers With Candy episodes.

Hat tip to son Ish and to-be-daughter-in-law Sine for the link.

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