Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A generation unafraid of faith

Another indication that the times, they are a changin', from Newsweek's My Turn column:

A Simple Twist Of Faith

I didn't understand my sister's draw to evangelical Christianity. But I've learned to trust her choices.

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When I was in college, I used to bait evangelical Christians. I really could not understand how they could be so totally unashamed about evangelizing. I laughed at them and felt superior to them. And of course I had my Catholic snobbery against Protestants. "How can anything good come out of Galilee... I mean Luther and Calvin." Even though I had abandoned my own Catholic faith, I felt like I was more of a Christian than those silly Jesus-speaking straights.

Now I realize that this very snobbery and sophistication on the part of Catholic and Jewish baby boomers -- those whose traditions left them feeling simultaneously entitled (as a Chosen People and a People of God) and estranged from modernity ("nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition") -- was playing a jazzy, come-away-with-me Pied Piper tune to the lost in space generation of the sixties. I look back on the hippie times and I am no longer proud of, or bewildered by, or angry at myself -- the stages I went through when I realized the damages done. I understand exactly the appeal, and much of it was good. But the evangelicals held down the fort for Christ while the new and the old Israel abandoned their understanding of the communion of saints and ran away.

They deserve our thanks.

And our prayers that someday they do come to understand the communion of saints. And lose the Puritan individualism of "me and Christ alone."

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